Spokesperson Skills course 4 – 6 october 2024 (London)


This program aims to develop the skills of trainees with the principles and techniques of formal speaking, to provide effective, dynamic and convincing presentations, to develop their skills in dealing with crises, how to properly display business achievements, to develop skills of preparing and presenting read and audio presentations, as well as skills of influencing and interacting with the public and improving the mental image of institutions This training course also covers interview tools with all media outlets, methods of preparing for and delivering interviews and press releases.


• The personal characteristics of the official spokesperson.
• The functions of the official spokesperson
• Tools of the power of spokesperson success.
• Communication messages, audience types and dealing with them.
• The presence and mental preparation of the official spokesperson.
• The role of the spokesperson during crises.
• The press conference and the delivery of the press release.
• Skills of responses to critical questions of the official spokesperson.
• The diplomatic personal qualities of the official spokesperson.

Spokesperson Skills course 4 - 6 october 2024 (London)

Counsultant Rashid Al-Hajri

President of the Diplomatic Academy

  • An academic and Qatari expert on international protocol and public diplomacy
  • He has held a number of positions in several government agencies in the State of Qatar
  • The president and founder of the Diplomatic Academy
  • He published a number of articles in several Arab and international newspapers.
  • Advisor to the High Commissioner for Human Rights in the State of Qatar.


for more information please call     33211136

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