The President of the Diplomatic Academy participates in the European Peace Summit in Rome, assuming the title of Ambassador for Peace

Counselor Rashid bin Safar Al-Hajri, President of the Diplomatic Academy, participated in the peace summit held in the Italian capital, Rome. The president of the academy participated in the summit at the invitation of the World Ambassadors Organization, which organizes the international event and is concerned with promoting peace and spreading communication among the peoples of the world, in which a number of diplomats and high-level leaders participated. On the sidelines of the summit, the organization decided to award Counselor Rashid Al-Hajri the title of International Ambassador for Peace and appointed him as a member and advisor to the International Organization of Ambassadors. In his speech before the summit, Counselor Al-Hajri praised the efforts of the World Ambassadors Organization and its leadership, represented by Counselor Dr. Giuseppe Preti, and their efforts towards promoting peace. In his speech, he stressed that what is currently happening in the Gaza Strip represents a violation of all international laws and conventions that protect innocent civilians, and stressed that the massacres committed against innocent people in the Gaza Strip and in Palestine over the past decades have nothing to do with the pursuit of peace. Counselor Rashid Al-Hajri also stressed the seriousness of what is happening in the Gaza Strip, as 100,000 civilians are martyred, injured and missing, while the entire population is exposed to starvation and deprived of water and humanitarian aid. The President of the Diplomatic Academy urged all parties and figures participating in the summit to make every effort to alleviate the suffering of the people of Gaza. On the other hand, Counselor Rashid Al-Hajri referred to the efforts of the Arab countries towards peace and the initiatives of the Arab Gulf countries in this regard. He also highlighted the major role played by the State of Qatar in mediating to stop the war, bring in humanitarian aid, and release detainees in the Gaza Strip. Which represents a continuation of the approach of the State of Qatar and its foreign policy of constructive mediation in negotiations, which resulted in more than 23 peace agreements during the past decade and a half. On the other hand, the President of the Diplomatic Academy expressed his desire for all wars and conflicts to end, especially the Russian-Ukrainian war, for security to return to Europe, for civilians to return to their homes, and for stability to return to the energy and food sectors, whose instability has affected the entire world, especially the weak in it. The President of the Diplomatic Academy, Counselor Rashid Al-Hajri, concluded his speech with the Academy’s readiness to cooperate with the World Ambassadors Organization in providing electronic and physical training and supporting various initiatives that enhance efforts to spread peace and the spirit of cooperation and acquaintance between different cultures around the world.
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