Media dealing skills course in partnership with Qatar University from May 13 to May 16, 2024



Media dealing skills course in partnership with Qatar University from May 13 to May 16, 2024

General Description: This course aims to prepare its participants for successful appearance in various media outlets.

In a way that serves their personal goals or the goals of their institutions that they represent, by developing their skills and development

Their media capabilities, training them on conducting interviews, organizing press conferences, and applying methods

Correct communication, to achieve effective communication with the target audience. This is through an integrated program

Combining theory and practical application, participants learn how to formulate strong and influential media messages,

And present it to people with confidence and ability. The course also focuses on a wide range of topics, including

These are the basics of effective communication, the arts of dealing with difficult questions, and preparing and organizing press conferences

And others.

Course objectives
The participants should deepen their understanding of media work, become familiar with its environment, and the rules of dealing with it
Various media, to facilitate interaction with them, in order to achieve the best results

For participants to become familiar with the various types of interviews and press dialogues, and ⁠
The stages they go through, from preparation to actual implementation, which helps build and present their messages

Clearly and effectively, taking into account objectives and target audience

Participants will be able to recognize the types and methods of journalists, and understand how to deal with them
And acquire the necessary communication skills, in order to ensure a successful media appearance that serves their goals

It enhances their positive image or the image of their institutions

Participants will be trained in techniques for dealing with various types of journalistic questions, including:
Difficult or embarrassing questions. To practice how to remain calm and composed under pressure,

And how to direct the dialogue to their advantage

For participants to become familiar with the methods and techniques of media influence, and to learn how
Use them effectively to reinforce their messages. Focusing on crafting and presenting these messages in a manner

Attracts attention and motivates action

Role axes
Introduction to the media and its importance
The course begins with a general introduction to the concept of media, highlighting its crucial role in shaping and transmitting public opinion

the information. Media appearance is an opportunity for its owner, provided that appropriate means are used

And prepare well for it, to achieve personal and institutional goals

Elements of media communication
Here participants learn about the basic elements of media communication, including (the sender,

(message, media, audience, and feedback). They will learn more about…

Each element, to ensure effective communication

Various press interviews
This topic addresses how participants prepare for and successfully conduct press interviews. And that from

By learning good advance preparation techniques, and how to present their messages clearly and confidently through them

The difference between interviews in various media
Here, participants will learn about the difference between different media platforms: (television, radio,

(printed and digital) and how to conduct interviews in each of them

Characteristics of a successful media speaker
This theme defines the basic qualities of a successful media spokesperson, and how participants can

Acquire or develop these qualities in themselves

Characteristics of a successful media speech
The focus here is on how to build a convincing and attractive media discourse that touches on interests and needs

the target audience

Practical exercises on media appearance
Participants will do practical exercises that will help them improve their camera handling skills

And media appearances in general, including the use of body language and breathing techniques

Practical exercises on journalistic dialogues
Practical exercises on journalistic dialogues in their various forms

Inside the studio: one + one – two or more guests..

And for short or long interviews

From outside the studio: via satellite, electronic multimedia, or communication


Planning, organizing and managing press conferences
Participants in this theme will learn how to organize and manage press conferences efficiently, from preparation

Logistical communication with journalists and management of questions and responses

Prepare for dialogue or press conference
This axis covers aspects of preparation for press conferences and dialogues: (psychological, administrative,

(formal, practical, and cognitive) to emphasize the importance of comprehensive and appropriate preparation.

Types of journalistic questions and how to deal with each of them
Participants learn about the types and methods of journalistic questions, and how to answer them in a manner

Smart, they reinforce the messages they want to convey to their audience

Course outcomes:
By the end of this course, you will:

Participants’ understanding of the media communication process will deepen, and they will have acquired practical skills that increase…
Their competencies, to achieve clear success in their media appearances.

Participants receive a certificate signed by the Diplomatic Academy and Qatar University

Media personality Dr. Othman Othman

Media dealing skills course in partnership with Qatar University from May 13 to May 16, 2024

Journalist and media expert
Qualifications :
PhD in Political Science

Honorary doctorate in media

Practical experiences
Al Jazeera Channel 2007 – 2019 Programmer and presenter:

Sharia and life, today’s meeting, open dialogues

Al Majd channel
TV reporter
Preparing and presenting television reports

Writer and journalist

Producer and presenter of radio programs in Lebanon 1989 – 2005

Media trainer

Media appearance skills and dealing with the media

Television and radio presenting skills, the art of speaking in front of an audience

Preparing television and radio programs

Media expert and consultant

Establishing and developing media strategies, by identifying the institution’s work needs SAT, benefiting from market information, and qualifying internal cadres to achieve the objectives of this indicator. Politics.

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