Customized courses and programs

Special and General Programs

The Academy offers special programs for officials and celebrities around the world as well as diplomats, government and private institutions in the field of public diplomacy, protocol, international etiquette, and the arts of speech and eloquence. It also offers the art of negotiation, and how to deal with the media as well as charisma building.

Special programs (Intensive Private Courses)

  1. Public Diplomacy
  2. Protocol and International Etiquettes
  3. Arts of Speech and Eloquence
  4. Art of Negotiation
  5. How to Deal with Media?
  6. Charisma Building
  7. Applying Body Language Skills
  8. Voice Placement/Focus and Eloquence Skills

These programs are designed by experts and international specialists in both Arabic and English.

General programs (General Courses)

  1. Protocol and International Etiquette
  2. Public Diplomacy
  3. Speech and Eloquence Skills
  4. Negotiation Skills
  5. How to deal with media?
  6. Charisma Building
  7. Official Spokesperson
  8. Voice Placement/Focus and Eloquence Skills
  9. Political Analysis
  10. Dealing with Different Cultures
  11. Prospecting and Manufacturing Future
  12. Official Military Spokesman
  13. Disputes Settlement and Peace-Building
  14. Thinker Making
  15. International Politics
  16. International and Humanitarian Law
  17. Public Diplomacy
  18. Diplomatic Programs for Military Attachés
  19. International Specialist in Human Diplomacy
  20. Cultural Diplomacy
  21. Digital Diplomacy
  22. International Relations
  23. Diplomacy for Businessmen
  24. Soft Diplomacy
  25. Base Program for Junior Diplomats
  26. Events and Conferences Organization Program
  27. Executive Leadership Preparation Program
  28. How to Be a Successful Diplomat? A Program
  29. Protocol and International and Diplomatic Etiquette
  30. Protocol and Dealing Etiquette with Senior Figures
  31. Public International Law
  32. Military Diplomacy
  33. Diploma of Public Diplomacy
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